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16 November 2005 @ 11:20 pm
16 November 2005 @ 10:14 pm
Could Alycra be any more fucking obnoxious if she tried?

She's the worst goddamn mod on the MB and she's still there because she's a simpering little twat who kisses anti-choice ass and then gets all haughty and righteous if I make "personal attacks" against eyeeatingfish, whom I feel HAS IT COMING because of how fucking stupid he is.
17 November 2005 @ 04:05 pm
Jesus fuck, if you're the kind of person who whines about "But it doesn't MATTER if it was a woman's personal story! It should be in the Abortion Debate Forum!" then you should CERTAINLY learn what a FUCKING SNARK COMMUNITY is for!

i.e., the ABOVE.
11 November 2005 @ 03:01 pm
Can someone here please explain to me how "leaving quietly" without mentioning that I AM leaving to anyone besides my friends on my journal is "having a fit"? I'm absolutely DYING to know.

I'm also dying to know where a certain dumbshit learned to read. Fake sucks at it.
09 November 2005 @ 08:05 am
Dear Attention-Whoring Assholes,

I have left you all alone. Short of Lynn, who I PMed out of spite, I've not sent one of your stupid asses a PM, or contacted you in anyway. Please go find something else to complain about. I hear people are enjoying the internet someplace, you might want to go put that fire out.

There is nothing said on this community that wouldn't have been said to your faces, if PCT wasn't such a FEEL GOOD AND PLAY NICE ALWAYS land. Much of it HAS been said to your face, you're just too stupid to realize it. Not my problem.

If you can't take the thought that some people on the internet who you will never meet think bad things about you/your actions, you might want to kill yourself now, in which case:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

PCT is not RetardNation. On occasion, that site, and PLT have come up in discussion. OH NOES!

I keep getting your little comments about you HAVE lives, so why don't you go prove it, and leave me and my community the fuck alone?

08 November 2005 @ 08:54 pm
Well, that's it. I, too, am done with PCT.
08 November 2005 @ 07:18 pm
Right, so just for posterity, I just posted this in the infamous Swearing thread:

Alycra wrote:
CiCi, Lily, Gwynn, and all the rest of you who think that Vernon went to admin about the swearing . . .

He didn't. I DID. I think if you can not make your point with out swearing then there is a problem. It was getting to the point it was not occasional but every other post and it was obnoxious. I come here to debate abortion and talk about other topics with people from all different places. There is no reason that it had gotten to the point that it did. I truly think that we are all adults here. I think we can act like it. As far as those who are upset about attacks on faith, there are few here that have not done this. People here use sexual innuendos and statements on a regular basis. These things are not going to be regulated for one or two people while others have free reign to do so. That is why things are said about neither of these topics.

See above. *Bleep*, we were right.
I personally do not think the swearing was getting in the way of ANY arguments. It's a way people express there anger. Gosh, who knew people might get angry about an issue as non-divisive as abortion? </sarcasm>

As far as those who are upset about attacks on faith, there are few here that have not done this.

Oh please. "Everyone's doing it so it doesn't matter!" Well I could say the same *bleeping* thing about swearing. There are few here who haven't done it, so I, Miss Protects-Her-Friends Moderator, shouldn't have to do anything about it!

These things are not going to be regulated for one or two people while others have free reign to do so.

What a load of *bleep*. Regulated for "one or two people" but others get "free rein"? You know who gets free rein? Vernon. You know who he gets it from? You. But oh no, apparently the problem on THIS board is that Scorpio's an evil *bleep* who didn't turn into an unemotive robot the minute she became a mod.

And I am NOT talking about "sexual innuendo". I am talking about posters deliberately using sexual tactics to make other, usually female, posters feel uncomfortable. BUT I GUESS SINCE VERNON DID IT, IT DOESN'T MATTER, DOES IT, ALYCRA?

And am sending this to Admin:

Hey Admin,

I think it's abysmal that you have removed Scorpio as a moderator. She is not the problem. Swearing is not the problem. The toleration of trolls and harassers is the problem.

Removing Scorpio's mod status won't fix anything. Banning the trolls might. But God forbid that we upset babby Vernie.

God this whole thing pisses me off. First GirlNation goes to the dogs, now this bullshit.
07 November 2005 @ 07:19 am

Disagreeing with Admin = NO MORE MOD.

I am amused, to say the very least.
06 November 2005 @ 07:54 pm
I think now is a fabulous time to let Alycra and Admin fucking figure it out. I'm going to drool over Ed Norton instead.