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Put on your flame suits, becuase IT'S GONNA BE A SCORCHER!

If you would like to join, e-mail scorpi084@livejournal.com with your PCT screen name. This does not apply if you are e-friends with scorpi084.

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Members should feel free to disable commenting on their posts after a week, to keep dumb asses from retroactively whining through the entire community.

Don't delete comments. Don't delete posts. Only cowards and morons do that, and neither have a place in this community. If you're going to post here, grow some genital organs and stand by what you say.

This is not pct_kumbayahpct_kumbayah. This is not pct_BUT_I_JUST_HAVE_AN_OPINION_NO_FLAMERSpct_love_in. You may get flamed. If that's too much for your delicate sensibilities to handle, just participate in created threads. Anyone who deletes posts and/or comments will be removed.